Kay Arendale McGar Kaough, Class of 1939

Kay Aderdate McGar Kaough

One of the SHSU University Archives most recent donation is a 1939 commencement announcement and program under glass.

This intriguing new donation came from a young lady BearKat who’s grandmother attended Sam Houston State and was constantly going to sales. When her grandmother was at the sales she would pick up, “treasures,” from Sam Houston State and present them to her granddaughter. This new donation was her Christmas gift from her grandmother last year.



This young BearKat is not related to this person on the name card so she decided to donate it to the SHSU University Archives.

The picture frame tray holds the 1939 commencement announcement, program, and a name card from Kate Arendale McGar. Her full name was Kathryn Arendale McGar. Born in Texas in 1911, she first attended Sam Houston State Teachers College in 1932. Kate graduated with a BBS in Elementary Education in August of 1939. In February of 1940, she married Louis A. Kaough and was listed as a teacher in Fort Bend, Texas in the 1940 US Census. She died in 1999 in Conroe, Texas.

Above is Kate McGar’s summer graduate photograph from the 1940 Alcalde.  Below is a image of the photo tray.

The Sam Houston State University Archives is open M-F, 8-5. It is located in the Newton Gresham Library, 4th floor, room 400.

The Boys of Summer, SHSTC Baseball, March 1949

One of the most recent acquisition of the SHSU University Archives is this 68-year-old baseball program from March 18-19, 1949. The BearKats played their first two home games against the TCU Horned Frogs. The final score for the games was March 18, 8-5 to the Frogs and March 19, 9-8 to the Frogs.

Although they did not win, the BearKats were playing on a brand new baseball diamond. The Josey Vocational School dirt moving class who called the job, “Operation “fill-up,” constructed the field. This swampland turned baseball diamond later became Dewitte Holleman Field where the BearKats would play until the Don Sanders Baseball Complex was finished in 2006.

To find out more of the history of SHSU Baseball or Dewitte Holleman Field come visit the SHSU University Archives.



1950 SHSTC Offical football program jpg 2

It’s time for the 101st season of BearKat Football!

Come this Saturday the BearKats will be back on Bowers Field to meet the Oklahoma Panhandle State Aggies. This game will be the annual BearKat, “Orange Out,” so the stadium will be covered in a sea of orange, white, and blue.

The image above is from a recent donation to the University Archives. This football program is from the October 28, 1950 game featuring Sam Houston State Teachers College BearKats vs. East Texas State Teachers College Lions.

The Sam Houston State University Archives collection of BearKats Football programs dates from the 1930s to the present. It you would like to look at these programs come visit the SHSU University Archives in Room 400 of the Newton Gresham Library.

Football Fun Fridays! The lighter side of 100 years of BearKat football.

SHSTC Football program 1948

This Sam Houston State Teachers College BearKats football program from 1950 is a colorful example of the artwork that went into the football programs in the 1930s-1960s. All the colorful animal cartoon figures represent the team mascots of football teams that Sam Houston State had played up to that point. This cover was done by Ed Dillion.

In this 1950 game, Sam Houston State Teachers College BearKats played the University of Corpus Christi Tarpons. The game was a blow out with the BearKats winning 46-0. The BearKats have a 6-0 and 201-32 points scored record against the Tarpons from 1950-1965. Two school records were also set in these games. The first in 1954 for the 11th longest pass of 81 yards for a touchdown thrown by quarterback Allen Boren to Bobby Baldwin. The second record was the 9th longest punt return of 70 yards for a touchdown set by Tommy Luker in 1964.

The University of Corpus Christi Tarpons started playing football in 1947 with the mascot of a tarpon. In 1966 the University of Corpus Christi football program was ended. In 1994 Corpus Christi State University was incorporated in the Texas A&M system and the student body then voted to become the Islanders but their mascot was known as Tarpy the Tarpon until 2004.

Special thanks to the Mary and Jeff Bell Library, Special Collections Department, at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi for the history of their football program and Tarpy the Tarpon.

To see this program and many other BearKat football programs from the past 100 years come visit the SHSU University Archives, room 400 of the Newton Gresham Library.

SHSU Football’s oldest and newest


SHSTC Official Football Program, October 14, 1938.

This colorful cover of the official program for the 10/14/1938 football game between SHSTC and the College of Arts and Industry in Kingsville (now Texas A&M at Kingsville) survived for 75 years to become the newest addition to the SHSU University Archives collection of football programs and media guides. It is also the oldest official football program held by the SHSU University Archives.