A Letter from George Pickett to Thomas J. Goree

















This is a letter from George Pickett to Thomas J. Goree of Huntsville, TX. George Pickett, famous for leading Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg, wrote to Goree, discussing a disagreement the two had concerning the assignment of rifles to a certain battery.

It reads:


                        Your note of this date in reference

to the Rifle guns taken from Macon’s Battery is

received.  In reply I must state that I am

more than surprised at its purport and the

apparent censure contained therein.

       I had two conversations with the Lt Genl Comdg.

on the subject of the Batteries in this Division

in, which, he not only agreed with me about

the necessity of having the rifled guns in the Art’y

Battalion consolidated but feel confident that in

the first conversation suggested it.       In our last

conversation which took place the day before we

crossed the Blackwater, and while on the subject

of the Art’y on the Division I told him Blunt had

two rifled pieces and Macon two, he said he

thought it would be much more effective to have

them all in one battery.    I then said to him Genl

I will order those two pieces of Macon’s to Blunt

giving him then a Battery of Rifle guns to which

he replied yes. Without his acquiescence and advice

I should have made no change.  If an order

did not come directly from the Lt. General it was

virtually one.  Had he have had any objections

to it a simple word or intimation from him

would have been sufficient to have prevented its

publication.  On the contrary I thought I was

carring [sic] out his wishes distinctly and plainly

expressed.   I have ordered Maj Dearing to report

to Genl. Longstreet in person and should be happy

if the Lt. Genl. Will give him such instructions as he

may deem necessary for the efficiency of his Battalion.

The copy of the order referred to is enclosed and it does


not appear that the Lt. Genls name is mentioned.

                                                 I am Captain

                                                      Very Resply You Obt Serv

                                                                       GE Pickett

Captain T.J. Goree                                            Maj Genl

A.D.C.                                                                            Comg

Hd Qrs Dept N.C. & Va.

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President James Buchanan’s birthday

James Buchanan

President James Buchanan (1857-1861), sometimes known as the “bachelor president,” celebrates his birthday today,  April 23. Buchanan entered an increasingly divisive political climate that eventually led to the civil war.

We have one item in our collections relating to the former president. A letter to Sam Houston discussing the capture of an American ship captain.  The Texas Senator and two time Governor Sam Houston was his contemporary and sometime correspondent.


This letter is part of the Sam Houston related papers collection housed in the Thomason Room and available to view online at http://digital.library.shsu.edu/cdm/search/searchterm/Sam%20Houston%20Related%20Papers/mode/exact