Citation A L’Ordre De L’Armee



This WWI poster comes from the collection of John Warren Smith. Smith’s uncle Boyce O. Smith was a solider in WWI and served in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany and took part in the St. Michael Offensive and Meuse-Argonne Offensive as part of the 5th regiment. He received this citation for his service. After being discharged, he returned to Huntsville and worked as a teacher until his death in 1933.

The poster reads : 

Citation in the Order of the Army

5th Regiment of the Marines, American (Under the orders of Colonel Logan Feland)

“This regiment took a glorious part in the operations engaged in by the 4th (French) Army in Champagne, in October 1918. On October 3, 1918, it participated in the attack on the strongly intrenched German positions between Blanc Mont and the Medeah Farm, and pushing forward as far as St. Etienne-a-Arnes, made an advance of 6 kilometers. It took several thousand prisoners, captured cannon, machine guns and important war material. This attack combined with that of the French Divisions resulted in the evacuation of both banks of the Suippe, and of the Massif(high ground) of Notre-Dame-des-champs.”

Order No. 14.712 “D”-March 21, 1919

At General Headquarters

The Marshall

Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the East


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I rarely catch fish



Whenever I go fishing, I catch everything but fish. Maybe one of these days, I will actually get lucky and hook a big one.

John W. Thomason loved to fish and hunt. Nature was his greatest inspiration. He loved the outdoors so much that he quit a number of jobs and school so he could increase his time in the outdoors.

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Buried Treasure on the beach


You never know what you may find on a beach. Sure, it will probably be a bottle cap or a discarded puka shell necklace, but we can still dream. So enjoy this John W. Thomason drawing and think of looking for buried treasure the next time you are at the beach.

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Radioactivity is in the air for you and me


This work comes from the drawings of John W. Thomason. Newton Gresham Library houses over 2,000 pieces of his work including a number of landscapes.

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Watch as this guy rows his way across a river in a John W. Thomason drawing. This gif was a huge hit on Tumblr and has received over 1,700 notes. We were also featured on Tumblr Radar because of the gif. Needless to say, We were honored and surprised.

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Shoegazing at ducks


John W. Thomason loved to draw military officers and ducks in his free time, so I combined the two. This officer seems to notice the duck at his feet.

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There is an airplane up in the sky!


Col. John W. Thomason’s illustrations and paintings often have a military theme. Night time scenes of cannon fire and explosions in the sky are vivid and harken back to a time when Thomason was in the Marines in World War I.

Note: The original painting does not have a plane, cannon fire or moving lights for that matter. I added those for a cool gif effect.

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