Happy National Library Week!


Over the years, the University Archives has seen a lot of photographs of the three buildings that were used or are in use as libraries here on campus. In honor of National Library Week the SHSU University Archives would like to feature our favorite images of the two former libraries and the current library building here on campus. Here are the top three images with a short description.

The top photograph is the George Peabody Memorial Library interior dome and stained glass windows. This photograph from 1999 was taken by University Archivist Barbara Kievit-Mason. The Peabody Library was the original campus library building used from 1902-1928. The Peabody is currently being used as a social gathering place.

The middle image is of the Harry F. Estill Library’s main doorway stone carving of verse John 8:32.  This was the second library building on campus from 1928-1969. This photograph is from 1929. The Estill Library, now called the Estill Building, is currently used for various University offices.

The bottom image is the Newton Gresham Library. The NGL is the third library building on campus.  This image is from 1971. First occupied in 1969 this building now holds almost 2 million materials and serves the campus with up-to-date databases, computer labs, and an expert staff.

To find out more about the past and present library buildings on campus come to the University Archives, room 400, of the Newton Gresham Library. The University Archives is open M-F from 8-5.


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