Mark Twain game

Guest Column by Trent Shotwell

Mark Twain's Memory-Builder

Mark Twain’s Memory-Builder

Mark Twain was one of America’s premier writers and his works have reached worldwide recognition for their humor and historical significance. SHSU Special Collections currently has a large and unique collection of the novels and writings of Mark Twain. The collection includes roughly 500 of Mark Twain’s books and even some of his personal correspondence. The books include many first editions and limited printings. This correspondence includes letters and postcards that are mostly thank you letters concerning travel accommodations for one of Mark Twain’s trips to Europe. The collection also has newspaper clippings and ephemeral booklets relating to Mark Twain. In addition, a complete memory training game created by Mark Twain is a featured item.

Check out the finding aid to this collection, here: 


Mark Twain Memory-Builder board and pieces

Mark Twain Memory-Builder board, game pieces, and fact sheet

Mark Twain Memory-Builder fact sheet

Mark Twain Memory-Builder fact sheet


One thought on “Mark Twain game

  1. I recently found a copy of the Memory Builder game in my “archives”. It has the box of pins and the fact sheet, all in excellent condition.

    Do you have any idea of its value?

    Thank you.

    Stuart Kerner

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