Digitizing SHSU Sports History in the Digital Resources Lab


Scanning Sports Slides

After researching the history of the different athletic teams and events pictured in these slides in the Thomason Room and the University Archives, I’ve moved on to the Digital Resources Lab to digitize the slides. The first step to digitizing involves scanning the slides, followed by editing them in Photoshop and then saving them in a properly labeled and organized file system within the special collections drive.

Editing a scanned slide.

Once all 400 or so slides are scanned, edited, and filed away my next task will involve designing a social media-based online display for them, where they will be made viewable by the public. The online display will serve the dual purposes of showcasing the photos and informing viewers about the history of various sports at Sam while also helping to promote the University Archives and the Thomason Room.

In addition to the online display, I will also create a physical display including a few of my favorite sport photos, as well as some selected books, in the Newton Gresham Library. After that display is completed I will take pictures and post them here as well.

Scanning the slides has been interesting, since it is the first time I’ve been able to view the photos up close. Sometimes this means I can see that I got something wrong the first time around, like when I found that quite a few of the slides I thought were baseball photos were actually softball photos. The digitization process has afforded me the ability to go back through the collection a second time for a closer look and allowed me to fix mistakes like that. I’ve also had the opportunity to gain experience using Photoshop to help clean up the slides, which are often a little scratched and dusty.

I’ve gained a lot of experience through processing this collection over the past month or so, and soon I’ll be ready to put what I’ve learned on display for others to see. I look forward to displaying these photos for others to view.



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