Huntsville Newspapers react to D-Day



Issue of the Huntsville Item announcing D-Day


Issue of the Houstonian announcing the D-Day invasion

On June 06, 1944, the largest amphibious landing in history occurred off the beaches of Normandy, France. News of the landing traveled throughout the US in radio broadcasts and newspaper headlines.

This is how people in Huntsville, TX received the news from the Huntsville Item and the Houstonian.

The Huntsville Item (Top) carried the headline “The Invasion Is On.” The accompanying issue contained an article about a Rotary Club meeting where members listened to communications and envisioned what happened in the invasion.

The Houstonian (Bottom), the student newspaper of Sam Houston State Teachers College, had just begun the summer semester, and only included the small box “Allied Forces Invade Europe June 6, 1944.”

Readers of both newspapers had to wait until the end of the month to be provided with any substantial information about the event and details of the men from the Huntsville area serving in the armed forces. You can see those articles below.

*(credit to the Huntsville Item for allowing us to use the cover of the June 8, 1944 and  June 19, 1944 issues and the accompanying articles)


Article about a local resident injured during the D-Day Invasion


Theaters of War column providing the first written detail of the D-Day Invasion to Huntsville residents


Column from Ernie Pyle concerning the D-Day Invasion


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