75th Anniversary of War of the Worlds Broadcast


75 years ago, the famous Orson Welles radio production of HG Wells’s War of the Worlds was broadcast on CBS radio. The broadcast which many thought was real caused a large panic in the Northeast and parts of Canada. While a large number knew it was a drama, listeners who may have missed the introduction or were channel surfing fell for the bulletin laden format of the show.

You can listen to the broadcast here


The library owns a copy of The Panic Broadcast by Howard Koch which provides some details of the broadcast.

Thomason Special Collections also has a large collection of works from HG Wells including several 1st editions.

Some of the titles include

-War of the Worlds

-The Island of Doctor Moureu

-The History of Mr. Polly (1st edition)

-The History of the World

-The First Men in the Moon


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