Wild Dog Magazine Collection, 1961-2011

wild dog 001

Cover of Wild Dog magazine

The Wild Dog Collection is one of Thomason Special Collections more unique collections which includes the complete run of Wild Dog Magazine. Wild Dog Magazine was founded in the early 1960s as a small, campus magazine at Idaho State College located in Pocatello, Idaho. The magazine existed from 1963-1966 but many of the authors who wrote for this magazine went on to lead lives of literary largesse. The magazine had numerous contributors of prose, poetry as well as non-fiction pieces. The high quality content can be at least partially credited to the work of editors Hugh “Drew” Wagnon, Gino Clays and Joanne Kyger. Wild Dog Magazines were funded by a combination of donations and subscriptions. A total of 200-500 copies Wild Dog Magazines were circulated.

The Wild Dog Collection contains correspondence documenting the lives and writing careers of authors and poets who started their careers writing for a small, campus magazine during the early 1960s (the Beat period). The collection contains material documenting the small press publishing industry as demonstrated by the “Wild Dog” magazine, including correspondence between “Wild Dog” and other small presses. It also documents the background business workings that sustained the press during its short existence. The manuscripts in this collection consist of poems and short stories written by the many authors who got their start writing for “Wild Dog.” The original artwork in the Wild Dog Collection includes various sketches for magazine covers.

View a detailed finding aid of his collection at Sam Houston State University’s Archon page and see just what materials are in the collection.




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