Thomason Rare Book Collection: Geese Flying South

geese flying south

Cover of Geese Flying South by Ernest E. Kirkpatrick

This is an interesting book that has gone overlooked amongst our Criminal Justice rare book collection. It a book of Texas poetry by Ernest E. Kirkpatrick. You may be asking yourselves “why is a book about poetry in a collection about Criminal Justice?” Well the answer is because the book was signed and given to James Bennett, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons by the author. The book was part of his personal collection which was donated to Sam Houston State University and now makes up a large portion of our Criminal Justice rare book collection.

The books itself is pretty cool. The book’s front and back cover as well as the spine are made from wood. The front cover is attached with hinges to open the collection of poems. It is all bound together by a rawhide thong. The publisher notes that they have “endeavored to produce a book in keeping with the spirit and setting of the contents. The poems were inspired by the oil rigs ” Retrospective” and hunting clubs “Geese Flying South” as well as rural life in Texas.


This book can be found in Thomason Special Collections. Call number is PS 3521. I73 G4


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