SAA ’13: Day Four

SAA ’13: Day 4


Well today is the day. SAA officially started. I attempted to tweet about the panels but listening and typing, if only 140 characters, is tough. While Felicia attended a panel on MPLP, I headed over to the panel on cloud storage for born digital materials. I am interested in cloud storage because it seems like a great fix (cheap, away from your institution, frees up resources), but I just have a hard time trusting the some of these large companies — specifically Amazon — will have my interest as a digital archivist at heart. Their goals may align now but it could change. The archivist on the panel seemed to have found success in a number of different ways so maybe I should educate myself some more. Maybe my thoughts are wrong.

Felicia and I traveled a good .5 miles down Poydras St. to eat at Luke’s off of St. Charles. It is a John Besh restaurant so we had high hopes. It was delicious.


I decided to attend the Brave New World: The intersection of Institutional Repositories and University Archives. It was good. They skipped presentations and went pretty much went straight to discussion. A real highlight of the conference so far. One of our goals at Sam Houston (at least in the library) is to create a institutional repository. These IRs naturally come into conflict with the collecting of University Archives so I think it is necessary for those involved is to clearly define the roles of the IR and University Archives before things get rolling.


We attended two big parties. The first was the grand opening of the exhibit hall. At this opening, the vendors try to sell their services. You listen and sometimes they give you free swag. We also got a chance to enjoy some Louisiana cuisine like seafood gumbo and red beans and rice. Staples of the Louisiana diet.

Afterward, we journeyed to the LSU alumni mixer. We saw many of our old friends from school. It was great to catch up. I am so disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures. The party also acted as a celebration for the retirement of Dr. Elizabeth Dow from LSU. Both Felicia and I attended LSU to earn our degrees in library and information science. We also worked as graduate assistants for Dr. Dow and took many of her classes. She has been an important part of our lives– offering guidance and an opportunity to advance in the archives field. Three cheers for Dr. Dow!

On day 5, the conference will continue with more panels and free food.





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