SAA’13: Day Two

SAA13: Day 2


Today we both attended the pre-conference workshops. I attended Managing Electronic Records in Archives & Special Collections while Felicia took part in Reappraising and Deaccessioning Archival Material from Start to Finish. I enjoyed my training workshop. It was geared to managers who are building an electronic record initiative. At Sam Houston, we are trying to build an initiative to manage our electronic records. Though we have previously not had a dedicated electronic records manager, I decide to take on managing the initiative and we are moving forward. The course was a good way to learn how to map out and structure the initiative with policies and procedures.


We decided to eat at our hotel since we did not have a long lunch break and it was pouring outside. I talked about how hot New Orleans would be all week, turns out I was wrong. The hotel restaurant was good. A tad pricey but the charbroiled oysters were awesome. It also provided an opportunity to check in with an old friend from school and meet a new one.


Felicia and I decided to head to the Palace Cafe at the suggestion of my mother. Once again it was delicious as you can tell from the photos above. The crab cheesecake was to die for.

Day 3 I will take the ACA exam and Felicia and I will take swing dancing lessons. See you all tomorrow!







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