SAA ’13: Day One

SAA13 Day 1:

We arrived in New Orleans one day ahead of the conference and thought we would take in some of the sights and sounds of the town.

After eating lunch at Elizabeth’s Resturant in the Bywater area of town (which was soooo good by the way), we found our way to Euclid Records. New Orleans has a number of good record shops (Domino Shack, Mushroom, and Iron Rail) but Euclid is really cool and has a wider variety them some of the others. It has the largest selection by far. Felicia picked up a highly recommended record of Zydeco tunes- we are looking forward to listening to it.


Once, we were satisfied with our purchases, we made our way to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. I had never been to the Ogden in all my years of coming to New Orleans. We were both impressed. It had a good mix of new and old; weird and normal. Two thumbs up!
(I enjoyed the painting that featured Black Flag’s Henry Rollins)

At night, we had the pleasure of meeting up with our friend from graduate school at LSU who is now a librarian at the Algeirs Public Library. She took us back to the Bywater area to a place called Bacanal Wine and Spirits. The food was delicious but not very filling. It was more artisan food (quality over quantity). We have never had bacon wrapped dates before but we approve of the concept. After our snack-sized entrée’s, our friend ordered a cheese platter — which was pretty awesome! This was a wine shop after all. That was a nice spread of delicious cheese. During our dinner, we also enjoyed a celloist singing some smooth French jams. Only in New Orleans!

Tomorrow will kick off the real SAA festivaties with two pre-conference workshops.
See you tomorrow!






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