William J. Breitenbach puppets



William J. Breitenbach, a Professor of Art at Sam Houston State University, traveled all over Mexico collecting Mexican masks for his personal collection (William J. Breitenbach Mexican Mask Collection). What some people might not know is that he created his own versions of the arts and craft he saw including puppets. These are just some examples of the puppets that he made. Unfortunately William J. Breitenbach passed away, so we are unable to ask him what each puppet was meant to be. The  image below to the far left might be a variation on a Negrito puppet. Negrito masks in Mexico are often painted black or dark brown with bright red lips (Negrito mask). Other puppets Breitenbach made have similar features but without the dark complexion so we can’t be completely sure of that assessment The other puppets are unknown though we refer to the red puppet ( below, center) affectionately as “vampire Scooby Doo”.



3 thoughts on “William J. Breitenbach puppets

  1. I have lived in Puebla, and Tlaxcala Mexico having been married to an anthropologist. I have a small collection 15 of Mexican and Guatemalan masks as well as a “vest used during Easter services. I am downsizing and am wondering if you would be interested in any of them. I can send photos to you by email

    • Yes, we would. Could you send the photos to this email address (speccoll@shsu.edu) and maybe just provided us with a bit of information about the collection. Thanks!

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