University Archives: Find of the Day


A picture of the first faculty and student body (1879-1880) at the Sam Houston Normal Institute which would eventually become Sam Houston State University.

**Update (6/12/2013)

Here is a copy of the Catalogue of the Sam Houston Normal Institute, 1879-1880. This document list the students by year and gender and provides some useful information about the people in the picture above. Enjoy!

PDF SHNI Bulletin 1879_Page_06PDF SHNI Bulletin 1879_Page_07PDF SHNI Bulletin 1879_Page_08PDF SHNI Bulletin 1879_Page_09


11 thoughts on “University Archives: Find of the Day

  1. Is there a list of the students names in the picture of the 1880 graduating class? Is there a list of all the students online? I am looking for the name of Ella D. Coppedge.

  2. Hi Kay, I talked with the University Archivist. We do have the bulletins that list students from 1879-1904. However, we do not have them online yet. I was able to locate the bulletin which list the name of Ella D. Coppedge. She is listed as a student in the bulletin for 1880-1881. Would you like for me to email you a reference copy?

  3. Greetings! My great great grandfather, William B. Treadwell, was in the first graduating class at SHNI (1879-1880). Do you have a larger copy of the group photo &/or an index of the individuals depicted? Thank you for posting this information.

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